Up on the roof

At the KR Mansion Bar

I've got a bike

Reclining Buddha

It's got a basket with bells and rings and things to make it look good



Night Market

Night Market

This Dude's in Lonely Planet

Hat Napharaat Thara

It's Electric!

A Better Night Market

Squid Making

Roasted Squid in curry and pepper. The hottest thing I've ever eaten in my life. It made my ears ring.

Traditional Thai dance

Give Me a T!

Tiger Cave Temple

More Tiger Cave Temple

Still More Tiger Cave Temple

In the beginning


1000! (Er, or close enough)


View from the top

Buddha at the top

Shrine to the Buddha's footprint

Reading McSweeneys atop the KR Mansion

Harp writes at night

Our Bunglaow, Hat Napharaat Thara


In the Crevace

Still In The Crevace

Low Tide

Sometimes an island

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