I'm Mat. I make magazines and websites.

I'm a senior reporter for Gizmodo, a former contributing editor to WIRED magazine, and media innovator. I made Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle, co-founded the 2010 Knight-Batten award-winning Longshot magazine, and my 2009 WIRED cover story as a human node in a location-aware world was awarded the Best Innovation Journalism Story of the Year from Stanford University. I've created many of your favorite single serving sites, including Joe Barton Would Like to Apologize, Should I be Worried About Swine Flu, Happy Birthday to You and dozens more. (No, seriously, dozens.) You may also have seen my work in 7x7, The Awl, The Bold Italic, Budget Travel, Gizmodo, Macworld, Mother Jones, The National Journal, The New York Sun, O The Oprah Magazine, Popular Science, Runner's World, Salon, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, The SF Weekly, Time, WIRED, WIRED UK, or Women's Health, among other places.

I like music and photography and cycling and running and hiking and open water swimming and making myself stronger and faster and smarter. I have escaped from muggers, lions, cobras, mosquitos, dolphins and Alcatraz. I drink too much beer, and even more coffee. I am from Alabama. Holla.



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Contact Me:

Mathew Honan

1559B Sloat Blvd. #308

San Francisco, CA 94132