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Oh My!

Why... It's the old design, back again! Where is the Vox? Where is the FeedBurner? Where is the crappy layout that was only meant to last a day or two but has been around for, oh, two months or so?

Gone! Gone, gone, gone. Like so many sorry dot coms. And comiong soon: Typepad.

Also, for what it's worth, this is the kind of blog post I hate the most. These "I'm switching to Blah-blah-blah" housekeeping crapfests are the online equivalent of walking into a room and announcing what color shirt you have on today.

Mine is green.


mine is blue. (according to dalyce, anyway. i could swear it's lavender, but she seemed earnest when she corrected me so i went with it.)
-- noted Anonymous tim : 5:02 PM

I've been kinda curious about why you tried out Vox and now, why you dumped it. Don't really care about your shirt though, so long as it makes you happy.
-- noted Anonymous dg : 7:50 AM

I didn't dump it, actually. I became sold on typepad via vox. I still use it, it's great!
-- noted Blogger mat : 3:42 PM

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