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The Killing of a Flanger

. The Cure was playing over the speakers at the coffeeshop where I was working yesterday morning. I loved it. It took me back. I once loved The Cure. But I had never noticed, until this morning, how much they relied on the flanger. Almost every song; flanged.

. I don't know where my flanger is. It was bright green. Vivid. Very 80s. Purchased in the 80s, in fact. I used to love hooking it up to my guitar, and stomping it. Peeeeeeeowwwwwwwweeeeeeepeeeeeeowwwwwwweeeeee. Who stole my flanger? Give it back.

. You don't hear the flanger quite as much as you once did. I think it had its heyday at some point around 1988. When bands use it today, it sounds almost old-fashioned.

. I used to read Guitar Player, quite a bit. There was no reason for this. But let's forget that. I remember reading an article about the Black Crowes in Guitar Player. Now, I understand how hard it is to write something original on the same subject for a magazine every month--how do you think I earn my living? But this article, a brief 250 or so word intro/profile, contained the single most cringe-worthy line in any magazine artice I've ever read. I remember it verbatim today, sixteen or however-many years later.

?. "Hand these guys a flanger, and they might punch you in the face!"

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