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My workspace

My workspace
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Being a free-lance writer is tough. It's actually quite scary, especially when you are starting out. When I began, I lucked into a columnist gig with that helped pay the bills. But even so, for a long time money was tight, and my career, as it was, was a shambles. That was particularly true when I came back from traveling and had to more or less start all over again with no fresh contacts.

Yet from the lean days, I was able to build something resembling a career. I now do better financially as a freelancer than I ever did when I had a full-time job. But that's largely because it is a full-time job for me and I treat it like one. I typically try to work 9-5, at the very least, and to keep very regular hours. And because I have no one to answer to other than myself, I don't begin to spend as much time goofing off online as I did when I had to be somewhere else 9-5.

I want to get my work done and go play outside, because I can.

In any case, since returning from Asia, I've gotten increasingly organized in nearly all aspects of my career--everything from billing to the way I order my files on my machine. One area where that's demonstratively visible is my desktop, which was a mess for years, but lately has become, I think, aesthetically pleasing. (It could be a bit bigger, but I'm quite happy with it.) I think it's kind of symbolic of my freelance career as a whole.

Not pictured: printer, the window to my right that looks out at Page Street, the folding table I set up next to my desk when I need to spread out a lot of files, and the 5.1 system that, er, surrounds me in sound.


Honan Rulez
-- noted Blogger Kidd Matteo : 6:09 AM

well u shud see my table its a hell. U r desk is superneat if u compare it wit mine
-- noted Blogger Viewer : 11:23 AM

How'd you get started with freelance writing? I'm trying to get things going, but it's tough. Most of the writing I'm doing--granted, I am starting out and all--is volunteer or pays a small honourarium. I guess I shouldn't complain; it's good to be writing at all! All in all, good luck with things.
-- noted Anonymous Joshua Weresch : 9:59 PM

i've got one of those folding desks as well..pinch my finger in it every time too ;)
-- noted Blogger Ilsefly : 9:56 PM

hey, how did you break into writing, lam trying to do that as wel, have actually purchased a laptop to start with....l like your writing.
-- noted Blogger Grace : 6:20 AM

i have that same lamp
-- noted Anonymous hpg : 8:22 PM

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