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Contest! Contest! Contest!

Got a digital camera? Want a free album from the iTMS? Sure you do.

I've got a challenge. Apparently, security guards are hassling folks taking pictures
of the One Bush building at the intersection of Bush and Market.

So here's the skinny.
  1. Go take a picture of the One Bush building at Bush and Market.
  2. Post it online with a Creative Commons license.
  3. Link to your picture in the comments of this post and include contact info (that is, if you want a prize).
  4. That's it!
I'll pick a winner using a highly complicated algorithm known as "at random" one week from today (08/04/05) and send you an iTMS gift certificate for $10.

Update: A couple of people have expressed an interest in upping the kitty. If there's enough interest, I'd be happy to set up a Dropcash campaign. (I don't want to be in charge of administering and distributing other people's money. But it's still a good idea that someone else should pick up and run with.)

Update #2: I created a One Bush group on Flickr


How about it, folks? Can we send Matt $1 a piece so he can offer a bigger drawing? Say, $100?
-- noted Anonymous Anonymous : 1:19 PM

Matt, check out The Photographer's Right - A Downloadable Flyer
Your Rights When You Are Stopped or Confronted for Photography
... I recommend it.
-- noted Anonymous A photojournalist : 1:35 PM

I would donate $5 to the cause. Don't forget the other story like this, and more on the Atlanta one as well. Heck, I would give $20 towards a national contest. We need to take our country back, and stop being bullied when we are doing nothing wrong.
-- noted Blogger ValkRaider : 2:09 PM

also, contact Patricia Ahmadian of Tower Realty Management Corporation, Phone: 415 273-7903, fax: 415 273-7917, email: patricia_ahmadian@trmc-na.com.
-- noted Anonymous Anonymous : 3:06 PM

Hi Mat,

Here is a photo of 1 Bush in San Francisco.

Best wishes,
-- noted Blogger douglas : 4:34 PM

How about a photo of the security guard? Just so's we all know who to avoid :)
-- noted Anonymous Anonymous : 5:19 PM

For the record, I went inside and talked with a security guard named "Mr. Floyd" He assured me there was no policy against taking pictures of the building from the sidewalk or curb, just from on the building's property. That's obviously at odds with what happened to Mr. Hawk... so maybe the message has come down from on high?

Brian Shields
The Bay Area is Talking (dot com)
-- noted Anonymous Brian Shields : 6:28 PM

Sweet!!! I'm TOTALLY going to do this!

I'll have to swing down tomorrow during lunch :)
-- noted Blogger Kevin : 6:57 PM

Sorry, didn't get a flight. but ...
Great View
Amazing :-)

You know the Building !? (I took the picture some years ago, love it and wanted to post it for many days know. So this contest was the eventual incentive I needed.)
-- noted Anonymous webcat72 : 3:49 AM


-- noted Anonymous Anonymous : 12:49 PM

Did it ever occur to you hippies that the person who posted that in the first place LIED? Or perhaps he got a fricking liberal hippie attitude with security and actually deserved to be harrassed. No that couldnt be it could it? Go smoke a joint and hump a tree and stop being homos.
-- noted Anonymous Anonymous : 2:30 PM

oh, anonymous.
-- noted Blogger mat : 4:11 PM

I'm totally familiar with this security guard the guy is a complete jerk; his name is Issa and he harasses people all the time. I've seen him harass tourists and anyone taking pictures; He's bored little moron with nothing to do.
-- noted Anonymous Anonymous : 9:18 PM

Well, gee, Anon. I smoked a joint, humped a tree, and stopped being a homo...but I still think the story is true. Go figure.
-- noted Blogger beerzie boy : 3:02 PM

my money's on Thomas hawk
-- noted Blogger jefe : 4:00 PM

I tell ya, this Anonymous fella is so brave standing behind each and every word coming out of his dirty mouth.
-- noted Anonymous amorson : 1:27 AM

I was stopped / detained by a police officer about a week ago for taking a picture of a police car for a website in WI, and get this, I was a state representative candidate in November!
-- noted Anonymous Anonymous : 6:58 AM

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