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Call Me Flakerson

I'm sorry. No, I didn't read your weblog today. Or, I mean, this week. I meant to. But, I don't really know what happened. I never got around to it. I have it on an RSS feed, really, but I haven't been checking that lately either. There are always, like, 800 new messages and it makes me feel guilty when I open it so I pretty much just try to close my eyes and make believe it doesn't exist.

I should have replied to your email. I know. That was rude. And I would have, had I read it. But, I get so many, you know? That's no excuse I know. See the thing is, I minimized it so it would sit there in my dock to remind me to read it later and, ideally, reply. But then a week went by and I thought, well... I don't know what I thought. I'm sorry.

No, I didn't have a chance to listen to that mp3 you sent me. But thanks! Seriously, I appreciate it. Even if I fail to show it. Yeah, I'm sure they're great.

No I haven't really seen your photostream. I meant to?

Your new video? Yeah! It's, um... I haven't watched it yet. But I downloaded it!

It's not that I don't value you as a friend and cultural filter. I do. I do! It's just that you are so many people. I remember in 1993 it was just me and DVK3>. That was it. There was nobody else online. Seriously. I don't care what you heard; that was it. I was there. I know. I would have remembered you. I do remember you. You were in the other room playing Sega Golf and making prank phone calls.

And the downside of that was that, I mean, I only got email from Dave, heard the songs Dave liked, went to the websites Dave sent me. And I love The Smiths, right? But pretty soon you've heard it all.

But now, come on. Who can keep up? I'm awash in links, knee deep in mp3s and seriously, dude, my fucking mailman gave me his URL the other day. When I told him I was all done with the Web he wrote down the address for his site's feed.


And it's just too much. How do you stand in the stream of the firehose of public opinion? I'm behind, shit, I'm behind! I have an exam in the morning.

Lately, the Internet makes me feel like I'm writing thank you cards. Or. That I'm not writing thank you cards.

It's not that I'm inconsiderate. I'm just lazy, and overwhelmed. I'm trying to read a book. I had to get out some. My dog needed to go to the vet. It's in the mail. I swear.


I hear you cuz!
-- noted Anonymous Sherri : 3:38 PM

Amen, Mat. Amen. Thank god the John Muir Trail doesn't have an Atom feed.
-- noted Anonymous mcd : 9:06 AM

Ha! Very well said. Clear as a bell and I love the pace.
-- noted Blogger samsa : 4:27 PM

-- noted Anonymous big_dwarf : 3:43 AM

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