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Word Photo

I really like the concept of Word Photo:
This site presents photographers with a challenge - take a new photograph specifically for the word of the day, and post it for the rest of us to see. The only description and caption you get to include with your image is the word of the day (which the site does for you).
I've uploaded a couple of pictures now. But one thing that bothers me about the site is that people don't seem to be following the spirit (or letter) of the instructions.

For example, look at today's word, "fearless." You'll see a photo I took of my (city) bike helmet that I uploaded last night. When the automated email came in last night at 9:45 PM, pacific time, I thought about the word for a bit, and then went and snapped a few photos of my helmet (which has saved me from more than one bad tumble on Market Street). When I first checked the site, I noted that nobody had uploaded any images. I spent a few minutes importing and editing my picture, then went back to upload it. But when I got there, I found four other photos had already been uploaded--all of them taken during the daytime. When I checked back in today, I saw a (fantastic) photo by hbomb that I had seen (and enjoyed) a few weeks ago on another site. This already seems to be a common occurrence on WordPhoto, people uploading photos that they've taken previously that fir the word theme, rather than taking a photo specifically for the word. It doesn't bother me, I still get a lot of value out of the exercise myself, but it does seem kind of weak.

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