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Which One Of These Is Not Like The Others?

MSNBC : Republican lawmakers seek to discredit Clarke
Senior Republicans in Congress sought Friday to declassify testimony that former White House counterterrorism coordinator Richard Clarke gave in July 2002, saying he may have lied under oath and discredited his scathing criticism of President Bush’s response to the terrorist threat.

New York Times : Leaders of G.O.P. Try to Discredit a Critic of Bush
Republican Congressional leaders said Friday that they would seek to declassify past Congressional testimony from Richard A. Clarke, President Bush's former counterterrorism chief, in an effort to demonstrate that the former aide had lied this week about Mr. Bush's record.

Washington Post : GOP Leaders Seek Release of Clarke's 2002 Testimony
The Senate's top Republican called yesterday for declassifying Richard A. Clarke's testimony before a House-Senate intelligence panel two years ago to determine whether he lied, as partisan exchanges intensified over allegations leveled this week by the Bush administration's former counterterrorism chief.

CNN : GOP: Declassify Clarke's 2002 testimony
The Senate's top Republican demanded Friday that testimony former White House counterterrorism adviser Richard Clarke gave before a congressional panel investigating the September 11 attacks in 2002 be declassified to determine whether he lied Wednesday to an independent commission probing the tragedy.

Fox News : Republicans Want Clarke Testimony Declassified
Former White House counterterrorism adviser Richard Clarke may have lied under oath when he faulted President Bush's handling of the War on Terror, key Republicans in Congress contended Friday.

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