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We Met Jimmy Carter Today

carters and honans

We're staying with my dad this week down in L.A. (Lower Alabama), not too far from Plains, Ga., home of our 39th President, Jimmy Carter. President Carter teaches a Sunday School class fairly regularly at Plains' Maranatha Baptist Church, and we drove over this morning to hear him speak. He gave a great lesson, fantastically inspiring. Carter is one of my personal heroes. A Southerner, a scholar, a gentleman, and a true model of Christian charity and compassion. He's just about to take off for Bolivia on a Carter Center mission, to try and restore democracy to that troubled nation. His actions today spoke volumes about the man. He took time to have his photograph taken with every person who came to church. He and Rosalyn shook everyone's hand, and invited all to join them again. Afterwards, we stopped in a little restaurant to get some lunch, and as we approached the door, in walked President Carter with his Secret Service detail. He spoke to everyone in the restaurant, and smiled graciously as person after person interrupted his meal to take his picture. Obviously he could have gotten the Service to cordon him off, to keep the gawkers away. But no. He's a true public servant. A true statesman. He makes me proud to be a Southerner, and wish I were a native Georgian.

Now I need to buy his new book...

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