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Ko Jum, Thailand

Ko Jum was lovely. Spiritually uplifting. It's one of those places that makes you think of all the best places you've been to, and compare this to those.

Harper and I tried to come up with our five favorite beaches or stretches of shoreline. Mine were (unordered):

Abbot's Lagoon, Pt. Reyes California
Little Compton Rhode Island
Vahine Polynesia
Ko Jum Thailand
Limekiln State Park, Big Sur California

Harpers were:
Abbott's Lagoon, Pt. Reyes, California
Ft. Walton Beach, Florida
Ko Jum, Thailand
Ragged Point, Big Sur California
Mauna Lei (sp?), Big Island, Hawaii
Ko Chang, Thailand.

(The astute reader will note that Harper refused to limit herself to five beaches.)

I want to say more about Ko Jum. I want to describe it, but how? And what would I say? "Today, I woke up and went swimming. Ate breakfast and then reclined on one of the world's most pristine beaches, my only activity staring at islands across the way. Ate amazing, and dirt cheap, Thai cuisine for lunch and then went back to melt in the sun until it sank from the sky and I felt the atoms in my body vibrating in perfect harmony with those of the whole universe and I sigh… And breathe… And inhale the beauty and love of God's whole creation." (apologies to Bill Hicks)

That gets boring after a while, no? I could tell you that my last night there I saw three shooting stars. Or that while some bungalows are festooned with Tibetan prayer flags, ours is usually festooned with fetid flags of dirty laundry. A week's worth of stink, flapping in the breeze.

Photos here

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