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There should be a word for this

Is there a word for a bad link, where you can tell what the intended target is? For example, yesterday, Dave sent me the following email:
Thanks for the shout-out!!! (Ah, NetBelly.) Er, but the Dave shout-out points to.... http://honan.net/destinyland.blogspot.com Think we're looking for diffferent droids.... :)

I meant to link to http://destinyland.blogspot.com. But when I typed the link, I left off the http://, like so: <a href="destinyland.blogspot.com">. What I meant to do is fairly obvious. And there are all sorts of similar typo links. For example, I might link to google.com, but instead I link to google.xom. Or Yaho. Or Bloggger. You know what I mean, but you have to type it in yourself.

Is there a word for this? If not, may I suggest "Walking Wounded?" Or do you have a better idea?

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