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Have you seen Startup.com? Probably so, I think I'm late to this dance. But I wanted to see this, having worked for two different dotcoms that bit the dust. The first, at least, was epic. I got to work with old heroes and met new ones. But the second. The second...

The second was a miserable shithole of a company. And it too was engaged in bringing the public to the governement. We were going to make it easy for citizens to send and sign petitions, and in turn, for advocacy groups to find people interested in particular issues. In grand terms--as with those expressed at the beginning of startup.com--it sounds great. But when we got down to it, things spun out of control. the April market correction didn't help us either. But the real problem was that my company, just like the one profiled in Startup.com, by a bunch of salesmen and hucksters who didn't know anything about the Internet.

Startup.com is a movie about business, not the Internet. The Internet is just the setting. And so it was with the dotconomy itself. It had less to do with the Internet than business.

One of the two founders of the company profiled in Startup.com, Tom, still maintains the Govworks.com URL. He was the geek, and was the one eventually forced out of the company. His partner Kaleil was the money guy. The guy who made things happen. Like millions of dollars in investors money go magically down the drain.

They're together again. And for some reason, which I can't fathom, they're trying to advise startups in a new business scheme designed to squeeze a few more drops of blood out of the Dot-Com corpse.

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